25 March 2015 ,  Singapore

Arcade Singapore hosts #SheSays event

SheSays Singapore held an event titled ‘Femininity in Asia: Rise of Soft Power’. The event was hosted at the Arcade Singapore office by Arcade’s Creative Director Liz Hamer and Meera Jane from Grayling. 60 women participated in the discussion on gender equality in South-East Asia and how women in this region embrace & utilise the very things that set them apart.

13 March 2015 ,  all

Alfa Aphrodita selected as judge at ADFEST 2015

We’re excited to announce that our co-founder and Executive Creative Director of Arcade Indonesia, Alfa Aphrodita, will be a judge at the ADFEST Awards 2015 in Thailand. Alfa is one of the outstanding and talented members of the advertising industry in Indonesia and we are proud to have her represent Arcade and Indonesia at the event.

7 October 2014 ,  Jakarta

Arcade Jakarta wins Vaseline Men

Unilever has appointed Arcade Jakarta to its digital marketing duties for their Vaseline Men brand. Gary Caulfield, CEO of Arcade Indonesia said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded yet another great Unilever brand and the opportunity to create iconic work for the Indonesian market. We look forward to creating another great partnership with the Vaseline Men brand team”.

31 August 2014 ,  Singapore

Adweek agency showcase includes Arcade

Adweek includes Arcade in their feature on a number of agencies making ‘Today’s Best Campaigns’, from Moscow to Mumbai.

news image 1
28 August 2014 ,  Singapore

A friend for great things

Arcade helps OCBC relaunch their Gen-Y bank, FRANK, through a series of contemporary films and print visuals which tell honest, inspiring stories of empowered young adults chasing their dreams a little at a time.

28 August 2014 ,  Jakarta

Green Tea Kanpai!

Arcade Jakarta created ‘Green Tea Kanpai!’ along with the famous local idol group JKT48 to launch Cornetto Mini Green Tea in Indonesia. ‘Kanpai’ means ‘toast’ in Japanese. Answer one of 16 challenges from one of the 16 members of JKT48, and win an exclusive mini concert with the group!

10 July 2014 ,  Jakarta

Enjoying the ride with Cornetto

Unilever has consolidated all its social and digital management for the Cornetto brand in Indonesia with Arcade, to align with their existing digital strategy assignments with us.

7 July 2014 ,  Singapore

It’s all good with Fruttare

We are delighted to be creating the digital and activation campaign to boost the brand’s presence across Australia and Southeast Asia. It’s all good!

19 June 2014 ,  Jakarta

Arcade gets social with WeChat in Indonesia

We are very excited to announce that Arcade has been appointed by WeChat to help manage their social media efforts in Indonesia. WeChat, the text and voice messaging service, is gaining traction in Indonesia as one of the four major instant messaging tools used across the country.

13 June 2014 ,  Jakarta

Arcade helps Pond’s find solutions for pollution

A woman’s face is exposed to pollution every day in Indonesia’s major urban areas, causing it to look dull and unhealthy. Solusi Polusi for Pond’s invites women to share their solutions to fighting pollution around them, from smoke, dust and grime to combustion. The most inspired ideas will be featured in Femina Magazine and Future Love – and Arcade will help Pond’s make them happen.

9 June 2014 ,  Singapore

Arcade is awarded the pleasure of working with Magnum

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this! Unilever awards Arcade Singapore the pleasure of developing a Digital and OOH campaign activation for leading premium ice cream brand, Magnum. The campaign seeks to celebrate the best of chocolate and ice cream on a stick and will spread across 4 Southeast Asian markets; Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

4 June 2014 ,  Singapore

Konichiwa from Sushidai!

We created the print campaign for Sushidai in the spirit of Kokoro-iki, which in essence is “great spirit and pride in delighting customers”. In fact, the only way to find a more authentic Tsukiji-style sushi experience is to actually fly to Tsukiji.

30 May 2014 ,  Tokyo

A beautiful journey

Arcade helps Tomoko Nozaki, actress & blogger, tell her story as she travels across Japan meeting like-minded women, hearing their point of view on beauty, and where it comes from. The story will come to life in digital media as part of the launch of the CLEAR brand in Japan.

30 May 2014 ,  Singapore

Singapore Portfolio Night a huge success

Bates Chi & Partners hosted the ADC’s Portfolio Night at the National Design Centre in Singapore. Arcadian ECDs Gary Tranter & Matt Cullen joined other Creative Directors ‘on patrol’, ready to meet with over 100 young creatives from Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

27 May 2014 ,  Singapore

The Big ‘A’ has arrived

We’re making the most of our street presence in Keong Saik road with our freshly installed front door decal – the big ‘A’ is finally up!

19 May 2014 ,  Jakarta

Indonesian Graffiti Artist Moves Beyond City Walls

The New York Times features Arcadian Darbotz in an article on the rise of Indonesian graffiti artists. Nice one!

19 May 2014 ,  Jakarta

Arcade wins Bango

Arcade Indonesia will handle all digital and social media for the iconic soy sauce brand Bango in Indonesia. Arcade will also play an integral part in promoting the Indonesia’s biggest food festival of the year, the Jajanan Bango Festival which takes place in 4 major cities across the country.

8 May 2014 ,  Singapore

#Livestorytelling on the #TwitterYacht

Arcade joined the Twitter crew for an inspiring evening on board the #TwitterYacht to hear Joel Lunenfeld, Vice President of Twitter’s Global Brand Strategy talk about #livestorytelling on Twitter. Thanks guys – we had a great time!

11 April 2014 ,  Jakarta

Arcade Jakarta picks up Pond’s and Cornetto digital business

Unilever has awarded the digital account of POND’S Mass and the digital activation of Cornetto’s Taylor Swift RED tour to Arcade in Indonesia. ECD of Arcade Jakarta, Alfa Aphrodita (pictured left) says: “These are exciting times. Unilever is growing and we have happy clients. In our experience that puts us right on track to create even better work from this partnership”.

9 April 2014 ,  Tokyo

Arcade helps Unilever launch CLEAR in Japan

Arcade created the launch campaign for CLEAR in Japan, featuring film actress Aoi Miyazaki as brand ambassador and star of the campaign across TV, print, outdoor and digital media.

31 March 2014 ,  Singapore

Arcade gets a mention in the Straits Times

Our Group CEO Nick Marrett speaks to The Straits Times about Arcade’s part in the growth of Singapore’s marketing and branding sector – “I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, and it’s pretty exciting to think a Singaporean company could create a campaign for a product launch in North America”.

share a coke
18 March 2014 ,  Jakarta

Arcade Indonesia completed Incubator Project with Coca-Cola Indonesia

The Consumer Interaction Centre of Coca-Cola Indonesia appointed Arcade Indonesia to boost the quality of content creation for Social Media for 3 months. Arcade managed to produce creative content that drove significantly more engagement with Coca-Cola fans and help set a higher creative benchmark for Coca-Cola content creation. After the project was completed, Arcade recruited one creative to sit in the Coca-Cola office to continue producing content that would meet this higher standard.

10 March 2014 ,  Singapore

Arcade helps Cornetto get fans closer to Taylor Swift

Arcade developed the campaign and mechanics as part of Taylor Swift’s Red Tour for 5 markets across Southeast Asia; Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Buy a Cornetto, flip the lid, enter your code and win a wide range of prizes, including the chance to meet Taylor Swift in person – there’s also a chance for you or your favourite band to perform on stage before her.

6 March 2014 ,  Jakarta

Rexona appoints Arcade to lead digital business in Indonesia

Arcade Jakarta have been appointed to handle everything digital for Unilever’s biggest deodorant brand in Indonesia.

1 March 2014 ,  Singapore

Join the Unilever Future Leaders’ League 2014

Unilever’s Future Leaders Programme gathers 70 future leaders from 21 countries in 8 markets, to come together for a taste of the fast-paced world of FMCG. Arcade produced video and social media content .

17 February 2014 ,  Jakarta

Arcade picks up IKEA in Indonesia

Iconic Swedish furniture designer and retailer IKEA has appointed Arcade Jakarta to handle its integrated market launch in Indonesia. Arcade will manage the integrated creative and media launch and the first IKEA megastore will open later this year in Jakarta.

20 January 2014 ,  Singapore

Play Cupid Games this Valentine’s

Arcade launches Cupid Games for Closeup in Nigeria, India and Indonesia. The Cupid Games is an integrated Valentine’s Day campaign that includes film content and a social game (smartphone & SMS) designed to get people closer this Valentine’s. The more you play, the closer you get!

1 January 2014 ,  Jakarta , Singapore , Tokyo

Arcade turns 4 today!

Most children begin to develop greater independence, self-control, and creativity at this age. They are content to play with their toys for longer periods of time, are eager to try new things, and when they get frustrated, are better able to express their emotions. Happy birthday to us!

17 December 2013 ,  Singapore

The rise of the independents

The Independent Agency Network (IAN) has launched in Singapore. Arcade is involved as one of the founding member agencies. We were honoured to have Ad legend Ian Batey launch the concept at a press event this month.

1 December 2013 ,  Jakarta

Arcade invades Indonesia

Arcade officially opens its doors in Jakarta, Indonesia with two new clients to be announced soon.

5 November 2013 ,  Singapore

Diamond Attraction in Brazil

Arcade’s first digital campaign for Closeup launched in Brazil this month, with a wide range of content being released.

1 November 2013 ,  Singapore

Remember Movember

It’s that time of year again, and barbers from we Need a Hero (WNAH) are setting up shop in our agency to get everyone’s whiskers primed for an epic month of fashionable facial features.

17 October 2013 ,  Singapore

Nothing to Hide in Thailand

To launch CLEAR’s new positioning ‘Nothing to Hide’, Arcade created an integrated campaign that includes branded content, an innovative mobile app and a social media competition. The campaign will run in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, United Arabs Emirate, Bahrain, Oman and Argentina in 2013.

12 October 2013 ,  Singapore

The Freshman launches with a bang

The campaign launched online and on TV in Singapore, with almost 1 million total views to date on YouTube.

11 October 2013 ,  Singapore

From fresh men to fresh fish

Arcade’s appointment for the opening of iconic Japanese sushi house, Sushi Dai, has got everyone’s mouths watering. Sushi Dai is legendary among Japanese foodies and plans to open its first outlet in Singapore soon. Arcade will handle the opening campaign and online presence.

4 October 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade hits the streets

Arcade is expanding and we’re currently renovating the ground floor of our shophouse in Chinatown, Singapore – giving us a street presence. Watch this space!

27 September 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade at the Spikes

Arcade helped host an epic party at this year’s Spikes festival in Singapore, along with Campaign Brief Asia, Song Zu and The Sweet Shop.

5 September 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade launches

The website serves as an online ‘concept store’ for the toothpaste brand Closeup, hosting everything from campaigns to branded content.

3 September 2013 ,  Singapore

The CLEAR Freshman arrives

Arcade announces the re-launch of the entire CLEAR Men range of shampoos with the CLEAR Freshman.

1 September 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade’s work recognised as best in class

Malaysia Air’s YouTube channel designed and developed by Arcade, was recognised by Campaign as one of three examples of the most effective use of YouTube in the region.

27 August 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade partners with top Japanese adman

The new Singapore-based consultancy is a joint venture between Arcade and Hiroshi Harada, formerly Dentsu’s top ranking man in Asia.

17 August 2013 ,  Singapore

Frankly, this is Fantastic!

Our latest social campaign for Frank gives people the opportunity to be heard in a novel way. The idea: Tag what you love with #FTIF, and you could win it.

12 August 2013 ,  all

CLEAR launches YouTube channel

Arcade helps CLEAR launch its YouTube channel, as the brand recognises the need for a dedicated channel as the demand for video content increases.

5 August 2013 ,  Singapore

OCBC appoints Arcade for FRANK

OCBC had appointed Arcade as its creative agency of record for, FRANK. Arcade’s responsibilities will include digital social and advertising.

27 July 2013 ,  Singapore

What’s behind that killer smile?

Arcade brought the brand’s most recent innovation to life as a film, showing the power of Blue Light Technology in an engaging, credible way.

14 June 2013 ,  Singapore

Android Nation extends to India and beyond

Building on the success of Arcade’s iconic Android Nation concept stores in Indonesia, Google will work with Spice Global to open stores across India later this year, in addition to rebranding 50 of its existing Hotspot shops to accelerate the rollout. They also intend to bring Android Nation to the Middle East, Thailand, Malaysia, Africa and South America.

5 June 2013 ,  all

Balls to play – Arcade talks at Ad:Tech

Arcade spoke at the Ad:Tech conference in Singapore. The Arcadians spoke about their experience in creative experimentation and finding new commercial applications for agencies through creative storytelling. Ad:Tech is known as ‘the leading digital media event for marketing and technology professionals’.

3 June 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade makes Moodmakr available to the public

Moodmakr, the content platform conceived and developed by Arcade, was made available to the public this month, with exclusive prizes from Scoot.

30 May 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade hangs out with Madonna’s nanny

Arcade produced a Google+ Hangout-on-Air and cook-along for Angela Jacobsen, OzSuperNanny, author, and nanny to the stars. Angela was demonstrating recipes from her new book ‘Baby Food’ and fielded a Q&A from mothers around the world.

17 May 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade launches Moodmakr BETA

Arcade launched its the Beta version of Moodmakr, with a social media campaign, fantastic prizes and an on-ground event, right in the Orchard Road, Singapore’s most popular shopping destination.

23 March 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade gets Closeup. Around the World

Unilever awards Arcade the global digital duties for Closeup, which is present in 45 markets worldwide. Closeup is Unilever’s leading youth-orientated oral care brand. We’re excited to be part of Closeup’s efforts to give youths around the world the confidence to get closer – close enough to kiss!

16 February 2013 ,  Singapore

Badger Arcade

This month sees the launch of Buddy the Badger, mascot for The National Cancer Centre. The badger chosen for its tenacity and never-give-up spirit is the perfect symbol for the fight against cancer.</h6>

12 February 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade makes a fun ride… more fun!

Cornetto is all about the fun ride, with a great ending. We invited Cornetto fans to share their journeys on Instagram with Cornetto’s Click & Lick. Cornetto rewarded the fan with the most eye-catching post an ending that is truly sweet.

18 January 2013 ,  Singapore

A Production Nightmare

We are delighted to have Dana Offenbach on board to produce our feature film, ‘The Undertaking’. We couldn’t have asked for a more passionate, experienced, committed and all round delightful person to run this project, than this talented, award-winning Producer.

1 January 2013 ,  Singapore

Arcade turns 3!

We’re celebrating three years of Arcade awesomeness this month, having opened our doors on 1st January in 2010. Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun!